Welcome, we are trying to create a unique experience. Anyone can go to the store and ut things that are mass produced. You just become one of the flock. Because we make custom handcrafted items, and we love customer interaction and creative input, feel free to look around and then contact us with the item and design that you are looking for. The artist will work with you to discuaa all options and variables so that you get a customized item that is exactly what you are. looking for

We are looking for artist who are looking for a new way to get exposure.  Find out more Here

Building Memories, Energizing Your Passion

Passion is what drives you. It keeps the flame glowing deep inside you.
No matter what that passion is, it keeps you moving forward.
What is your passion? Love? Success? Business? Helping Others?
Passion gets you up in the morning, Passion energizes you, Passion brings out your voice, but most of all passion identifies who you are and what you can become.
Artist use their hands to bring their passion to life through their artistic displays. While small businesses bring their passion alive through their business and serving the community. So what a better way to unite these two forces to bring life to the community and helping each other build their business.


Ebizmore - A Differet Approach

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Shopping Site

Go to our shopping site to view various samples to get ideas. But don’t worry if you don’t see it, we can most likely still make it. 
Our artist can make anything come to life and can do it on various types of surfaces.  Go ahead look around and contact us to let us know what you are looking for.

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Photo Carving on Glass

One of a Kind Carved Glass

Custom Candles Candles

Color Adjustable Base Lights

Logos Carved on Glassware

Color Painting Available

Unique Deep Carved Glass Art

Carved Suncatchers

Occasions, Promotions, Beliefs


Motivational, Promotional, and Artistic

We are dedicated to bringing your passion to life. Whether it is the inspiring flame and aroma of a candle, or specially carved glass to inspire or to provide remeberance of a special occasion.
All our passion products are hand crafted by artisans and each one is unique to your specifications and to the artisans hands.
A variety of unique products to stimulate and keep your fervor eminating.
– build your own candles
– Personalized Etching
– Glass Carved Photos
– Special Occasion Sets

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Tell Everyone Who You Are

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Small business is the heart beat of our communities. They are were you go to get personalized service and quality products. Their signiture is on every product and service they offer.
At Uwave Live we work to promote these hard working entreprenuers with speciality products and inclusive marketing. Our localized video platform frovides an arena to tell everyone who they are. 
This not only provides a way for the business to provide a way to get their message out, but it allows vistors and residents of the community to find quality and trustworthy businesses to obtain the services they need in confidence.

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Are You A Car Buff?

Or do you know someone who is. We make hand painted renditions, carved glass, and shirts, and more depictions of that favorite vehicle to be proudly displayed for all to see.

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3D Art

Below is a car reverse painted on glass, with a deset background hand painted with florescent paint.

Giving Back

We support small community business, and also provide workships for adolecent and young adults to help build their artistic character, while also helping them find an optional choice for careers in small business.

We involve local business owners with young adults find a purpose and career goal in which we can match them with  small business.owners and help them deveop their path to ownership.

This provides a sense of purpose and involvement for the young entreprenuer. 

Small Business Owners are a great resource Providing fir young adults and can provide them path of learning and support for the community that can provide the foundation to building a  community.that all can thrive in.

Art Framed, and embedded with lights to really brink the glow and depth to the overall picture.
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