Supporting Local Artists and Crafters

We are just beginning this journey in support of local artists and  community small businesses.We are the only site that works to support your local artists and crafters. These are artisians who are decicated to their craft and in producing the best possible product. You will be able to find everything from handmade candles to furniture.
Artist are dedicated to thier craft. Its for the love of the art. They relish in making something special that they know someone else will enjoy as much as they do. And we are gathering the best of the best for the local areas. 
Our artist are required to not be automated. They must work by hand, but can use power tools to maintain consistency. They can not use automated tools like lasers, cnc mahine, pourers, or any designing with AI. We promote quality craftsmanship through a personal touch.
We give these artist a localized platform to sell their items, while giving the consumer quality products and a way to support their local artists and community. We provide an opportunity to allow them to collaborate with other area artist, but mostly we strive to give them an opportunity to earn a living wage so that they can take their craft to the next level.

How We Give Back To the Community

As a united group our artists work with local businesses to help promote them through various projects, that stimulates awareness for the community. Various workshops are held for children, young adults, and seniors to guide them through their artistic journey.
Art in whatever forn provides a sense of accomplishment and pride. It provides a stronger sense of being.
We are consistently looking for new ways to work within the community, and you will be able to get updates by joining our email list or by checking in on the events page.

The Best of Handcrafted Items

No matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find it here. If you don’t see it, let us know and we will have our artis make it for you. From custom made candles to furniture, from vintage style signs to promotional products., from awards to memorials and urns. Everyting handcrafted by local area artisians.
We support the local businesses who by decor, promo items or anything they need, and we ask all in the community to support those local businesses by shopping local.
You can visit the local business section and you will be able to find qualified small businesses and what they specialize in. You can get to know them before you visit to see what cuts them apart from the others. 


Coming Soon

Meet The Artist

You can go to the artists profile page and learn more about that artists. We believe that by putting a face and a voice to the art, it helps the end buyer appreciate even a little bit more. These are your neigbhors, they may be next to you driving to the same store that you too shop at. Their children may go to the same school as your kids.  They too support the community.

Attention Artist and Crafters

Are you artist or crafter looking to get more exposure while working with other artist and the local community to sell your product, 

Contact us to find out more…